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Arranger, Composer, Orchestrator,

Conductor, Music Engraving

Show Reel...

Here you will find a selection of Gavin’s music from his latest show reel. There is a wide variety of tracks, each with a short description. If you require anymore information on any of the titles below, please do not hesitate to contact Gavin via the contact page...

Game On! (electronic & orchestral)GameOne.mp3

Composed for the background theme to an action game, this short extract is designed to work as a loop-able track that works for games found today on the App Store & Google Play.

Uplifting (orchestral)Sound Test.mp3

A full symphonic orchestral work that starts out gently before taking you on a uplifting journey.   

Incidental (electronic)New York CSI.mp3

A short example of an electronic incidental track, as would feature in T.V. programmes such C.S.I.

Documentary (orchestral & choir)WarCamp.mp3

Incidental music that would fit to a television documentary. Inspired by John Williams’ soundtrack to ‘Schindler's List’.

Meditate (electronic/percussive)Meditate.mp3

This short demonstration track is designed to relax the listener whilst potential spoken instructions are given as would be found on a meditation or hypnosis CD.

Energy (orchestral)Energy.mp3

An upbeat opening that would suit a corporate video, designed to grab the listeners attention from the start.

Repton - Hymn Tune (live musicians)repton.mp3

An arrangement of this popular hymn tune and performed live by a full 25-piece brass band.

Engraving Examples

Examples of Gavin’s sheet music engraving work for live studio performances



Full Score

King Of The Road (score).pdf

Brass Band

Full Score

SilverScreen Violin I.pdf



Bless 'Em All (Parts) Percussion I.pdf